Problem framing outcomes


Identify critical opportunities that promise to drive business impact and human value.


Rally the team, stakeholders, and executives around a clear, actionable business opportunity.


Inspire and onboard project teams with reframed insights, research, and visual artifacts.

Inside the toolkit

New Haircut’s most advanced Problem Framing framework.
All of the tools & digital templates you'll need to prepare and facilitate your workshops, plus instructional videos to coach you along the way.

In 1 comprehensive, actionable toolkit.
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Digital templates

For remote or co-located teams! Use these templates to run your workshop virtually. Or use them to digitize your in-person workshops.

  • Comprehensive, editable, and ready-to-use regardless of your team setup.
  • Pre-Work template: get the team onboarded & ready for framing.
  • Complete Framing template: 9 framing steps, plus Problem Leveling.
  • Upload your project specific content, alongside our recommended resources.
  • Detailed agenda for remote or in-person sprints (print-ready).
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Instructional videos

Gain a deeper understanding of framing while learning to apply the tools and methods, directly from the team at New Haircut.

  • Receive the same expert training included in our 1-day Problem Framing workshops.
  • Immerse in practical and relatable stories to help provide helpful context.
  • Understand the subtle nuances of facilitating each step.
  • Feel supported and confident - like we’re co-facilitating alongside you!
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Facilitator's guide

A detailed playbook to help you prepare for and lead your team to exciting new insights that they're hoping to unlock through framing.

  • Gain proficiency in leading the pre-work activities and all 9 framing steps.
  • Level up your facilitation with New Haircut's best practices and pro tips.
  • Measure the team's outputs against step-by-step visualized examples.
  • Introduce activities and keep up team engagement with included eye-openers.
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Team presentation deck

Keep yourself and the team informed, aligned, and on track with this complementary slide deck.

  • Ground the team's understanding with the included framing and design thinking intro.
  • Keep the team feeling informed about their progress with a visual arc of the process.
  • Includes supporting content and narratives to provide helpful context.
  • Empower the team to compare their ideas and outputs against visual examples.
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Toolkit tour

Go inside the toolkit to see everything that's included!
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"You guys did an amazing job gathering all of this wisdom into one easy to use insightful location. I have already started using it and others @ REI are super excited to dive in. Thank you!"

Beth Hayes | REI
“We’ve had great success using this toolkit to frame problems from both business and human perspectives. It’s equipped us to start projects with confidence and spark critical conversations early. Highly recommended!"
Maia Scuipac | Booz Allen Hamilton
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Who is the toolkit for?

Facilitators of all levels. Whether you're a full-time facilitator or also serving as a product manager, scrum lead, ux researcher, ux / ui designer, innovation manager, or business designer.

Can I use this if I'm a consultant?

Yes. The toolkit was designed to be used by facilitators working in-house, as well as external consultants, coaches, and trainers.

What kinds of projects can I use the toolkit on?

Problem Framing catalyzes organizations to discover exciting business opportunities that are rooted in human needs. This means framing and this toolkit can be used across any business context.

Can I use this to prepare for a design sprint?

Yes! Sprints are great for testing solutions to problems. Framing helps to make sure you're sprinting on the right problem! For the ultimate 1-2 combo, pair this toolkit with our Design Sprint Toolkit.

Where does this fit in the overall design / innovation process?

Framing happens early on, when you're first evaluating a problem space. It's used to identify exciting opportunities that align with company vision. Or, you can also use framing to establish vision.

Will there be any additional support available?

Yes! The toolkit is 100% comprehensive. If you'd like to go deeper into topics specific to your work, you can get the support you need through 1-on-1 coaching with Jay Melone

How will I access the materials?

You'll receive immediate access upon checkout. You'll be able to stream the Instructional Videos. The Problem Framing Templates, Facilitator's Guide, Presentation Deck, & Agenda are downloadable files.

Can I use this toolkit for training?

Yes. While the toolkit was designed to be applied on actual business initiatives, you can also use it to train yourself and others within your team.

Can I share this with my team?

Yes! The toolkit ships with a Creative Commons license - use it as many times as you'd like for the work you're leading! The toolkit is also copyright protected by New Haircut to protect it from being resold.

Is this for colocated or distributed teams?

Both! The format, materials, and problem framing templates are ready-for-use no matter how your team is organized - whether working in the same room or spread around the world.

Is there a recurring fee?

No. You pay a one-time fee to receive access to all of the toolkit content. There are options to pay the fee in 1 installment or several.

Do you offer a lighter version of the toolkit?

We do! If you're already an advanced facilitator and don't feel you need the Instructional Videos, opt for our Files-Only version. Included are the Digital Problem Framing Templates, Facilitator's Guide, Team Presentation Deck, and Visual Agenda. Get the Files-Only version.

What if I have more questions before buying the toolkit?

We'd love to hear from you! Use the chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page. If we don't reply soon enough, you can also send us an email:

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